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By Jadwell Muguro June 27, 2022

Appreciating Our Father Heroes

By Jadwell Muguro, Nutritionist, Healthy U City Mall – Mombasa.

Not sure I could call myself a super-hero, atleast not just yet. Or to even get to hear my child call me that – being a newborn and all. But seeing that it’s the season to celebrate fathers and I recently joined the club, I’ve got to say that it’s a well deserved thing to celebrate.

The joy of holding your child in your arms, taking over diaper change (that is one thing I’m still getting used to), going for the clinic-days and just spending whatever time I can with my child means the world to me.

And did I mention feeding time? Those are some pretty sick moments. My child gets to have as much milk as he can because mama’s hooked to lactation cookies from Healthy U that are amazing! I just couldn’t help my self I have had a few too

I can’t believe I got the chance to help create this beautiful baby and have the responsibility of taking care of it, making sure I don’t mess him up is a daily struggle, but I could never back out of this.

It’s not easy especially for us fathers but we do all we can to be there for our children and partners because we have got to work as a team to make it all work. On days that this whole fatherhood thing gets crazy and trust me I know now how it can get, just know you are doing great. Whatever or however you’re doing it and on the days that all is good, take pride in them because you deserve a win too.

So, during this season, I would like to wish all fathers – new, experienced I mean all of us! It doesn’t really matter how you got to be a dad or father but the fact that you are one, we celebrate you. Let’s keep being great!

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