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By admin December 18, 2020

Building a Strong Immunity to Combat Colds and Flus

The Healthy U team hopes that you all are healthy, safe, and well.

Knowing how to recover from colds and flus is essential, especially amidst the global pandemic.
As much as prevention and avoiding infection is key, unfortunately, COVID-19 is widespread and contagious, making it inevitable that you or someone you know may have caught it.

So, what next?
What do I do to keep my loved ones safe, especially those at high risk (with underlying conditions)?
What do I provide for a sick individual on home-based care?
What do I do after infection? How do I get back to normal?

Here are simple but key recommendations from the nutrition team at Healthy U.

What do I do to keep my loved ones safe, especially those at high risk?
• First, if the individual has underlying symptoms, make sure that the conditions are managed well with a positive lifestyle, diet and supplementary changes.
• High potency multivitamins and minerals are key (especially needed for those who are high risk).
          o This helps to ensure that regular building and maintenance in the body occurs.
• Extra Vitamin C supplementation.
          o This helps to reduce the severity and duration of colds and flus.
          o This helps to boost the antioxidant defences in the body.
• Adding foods such as shiitake mushrooms, turmeric, garlic, elderberries, dark green vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds to your diet.
          o These are all known to have immune boosting qualities.
• Extra supplementation such as;
          o Omega 3
          o Probiotics
          o Coenzyme Q10
          o Aged Garlic
          o Zinc
          o Selenium
          o Herbal extracts (i.e. Tulsi drops)

What do I provide for the positive individual on home-based care?
As Nutrition Expert Dr. Patrick Holford recommended in his book Flu Fighters, one should;
• Supplement with Vitamin C
          o 8 g daily up to 1 g an hour (Up to the bowel tolerance level)
• Supplement with Vitamin D
          o 20,000iu
• Anti-inflammatory nutrients
          o These include; Quercetin and Omega 3
• Superfoods
          o Baobab, Moringa & Wheatgrass
• Herbal Teas
          o Turmeric, ginger and Tulsi are good options
• Other dietary foods
          o Garlic, ginger, turmeric, Echinacea and mushroom

Aftercare and returning back to normal
• Fatigue and inflammation are common symptoms after testing positive with COVID-19.
          o For inflammation – take a combination of quercetin, omega 3 and vitamin C
          o For fatigue – take B vitamins to help combat the exhaustion
• For general support, suitable high potency multivitamin and minerals formula are recommended.
• For dietary support, consume quality protein and carbohydrates
          o Wholegrains and carbohydrates are recommended over processed white grains and simple carbohydrates.
If you have any other questions, we are here to help you. We have qualified nutritionists in every Healthy U shop. Consultations are FREE, so give us a call or a visit, or chat with us on social media.
Don’t forget to wear a mask, social distance and sanitize this December.

Have a healthy and happy holiday!
Regards, Healthy U.

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