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By admin June 30, 2021

Dedicated to the Fathers

Fathers – An Epitome of Sacrifice

If asked, almost everyone would have their own definition of what a hero entails. For many, it would mean a role model who nurtures others to be their better selves. For many others, this role model is wonderfully enshrined in the person that is their father.

But what does it mean to be a great father? A father is a man who is known to happily sacrifice their comfort for that of his family. He upholds his family even when struggling and uncertain on what to do in tough times. They are often the ones from whom family members draw courage to proceed with the circuit of life.

Father’s Day had its roots back in 1908 when hundreds of men died in a mining mishap, and the daughter of a reverend proposed for a Sunday service to be dedicated towards their memory. Years later, the U.S. President Nixon signed it in at national level in the year 1972. It has since then gained popularity all over in the world.

Boys were, and still are, taught to hide their emotions irrespective of the intensity of their pain or struggles; they had to be strong. As a result of how they were raised, and in conforming to societal expectations in their journey from boyhood to manhood, fathers find themselves having to put up a tough front. But behind their seeming tough facade lie sacrifices, sweat, pain and many a sleepless night.

Good fathers are a most valuable asset in the foundation of a family, yet unfortunately, are unsung, unnoticed and go without praise because of having to form a portrait of being the strongest person in the family. They often don’t get to explain themselves or speak out on their needs, and as a result their needs and interests are often neglected. It is no surprise then that they often suffer from a myriad of conditions.

We, at Healthy U, are on board in celebrating the importance of fathers as well as honouring the essence of fatherhood. We are committed to equip you with information on products and foods that would work to boost the overall quality of life for our personal super heroes.

The Impact of Aging

Ageing is inevitable. The older men get, they experience, as a result, a decline in testosterone levels. We cover a variety of symptoms that come up as a resulting factor of this decline, as well as how you can play a role in alleviating them, hence improving our fathers’ quality of living, whatever stage of life they may be in.

Aches and Pains

The older men get, the more susceptible they are to experiencing joint issues owing to reduced bone mass. If not addressed, may result in fractures. A good product with balanced proportions of calcium, magnesium with some zinc for better absorption would work to prevent against bone fractures, while anti-inflammatory agents such as turmeric and boswellia would work to bring down any inflammation occurring that would then result in pain.

Thinning Hair and balding is commonly observed in middle-aged men. You can purchase a good product containing several vitamins and minerals. A step above this would be to get one with a high-strength amount of biotin, plus a blend of extracts that would work towards increasing their hormonal levels such as saw palmetto. A generous daily serving of seeds and nuts e.g. pumpkin seeds and walnuts in breakfast cereals or eaten as snacks serve the same purpose as well.

Difficulty in Sleeping and Fatigue

Adaptogens such as ashwagandha work well to reduce the stress levels experienced by our hardworking men. Unresolved stress many a times results in the inability to stay asleep, hence a box of Valerian tea would provide a very much needed relaxing feeling, while a gift of Dr. Organic Ginseng range of body and shaving products for men would ensure that they are left feeling revitalized enough to face their busy days ahead.

An increase in abdominal fat is noticeable in older men. This may be coupled with a significant reduction in muscle mass around the body. Protein powders, either based on whey or plant sources, are an excellent source of much needed protein for the ageing. Coupled with a balanced diet and adequate exercise, muscle wasting and increases in fat mass will be kept at bay.

Overall Immunity

A clean diet and adequate exercise serves to keep diseases away. Supplementing with nutrients such as Omega 3, Vitamins C and D3, minerals like Zinc and Selenium, would give a very much-needed boost to their disease-fighting capacity, especially since we are living right in the middle of a pandemic!

No doubt we owe it to our selfless heroes to be willing to look out for them in these small, but impactful ways, just as they did us.

A Happy Father’s Day to our esteemed fathers!

By Cherylene Wambui Kabiru, a nutritionist at Healthy U, KNDI certified

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