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By admin October 30, 2023

Discover Kenya’s finest: A spotlight on Made in Kenya brands

Healthy living extends far beyond what we consume – it’s also about the stories we share, the communities we support and the impact we make. In this month’s blog we are going beyond the aisle and sharing the stories behind our favourite Made in Kenya products. Highlighting the dedication of entrepreneurship, unique craftsmanship, and above all a desire a bring top quality locally made and sourced wellness products to the Kenyan market.

From wholesome snacks to eco-friendly cleaning products and natural skincare, we are celebrating Kenya!


Karembou Spa is one of our favourite Kenyan beauty brands. Made from natural ingredients, with no alcohol, sulphates or parabens, Karembou Spa pampers your skin leaving it soft, smooth and glowing. 

With ingredients sourced directly from farmers and women’s groups their products are made with love, and made to the highest quality. Undergoing 10 years of research and development before trading, Karembou are the authority on skincare. Using coffee, sugarcane and cold-pressed coconut oils they showcase the best of Kenyan agricultural crops.


SAFE, EFFECTIVE and SUSTAINABLE! Grounded is a Kenyan brand focused on home cleaning that is making waves in the market.

A family business that’s proudly run by women, their goal is to create healthy, sustainable homes, through safer, eco-friendly products. Founded in 2016 by sisters Megan and Alison Root, Grounded was born out of Megan’s search for non-toxic cleaning products that would be safe for a home with a young child. Finding that the only non-toxic products in the market were too expensive, she set out to develop a line of her own, tailored to Kenya. 

A certified Made In Kenya brand, Grounded source 100% of their ingredients and packaging locally. From dish soap, to laundry bars, hand soaps to pure soaps they’re made with natural ingredients and boosted with essential oils for fragrance. And, looking to embrace a greener future their packaging is made of recycled plastic whilst their factory runs on solar power.


Ofelos is more than just a Kenyan made brand; it’s a story of triumph against adversity, and personal struggle turned commercial venture! 

Having suffered from diabetes from 1990 Ofelos founder, Dr. Gerasimos Fourlanos, faced the challenge of finding treats that were diabetic friendly. With no luck, he embarked on a 10 year journey of research, experimentation and consultation with nutritionists. Today Ofelos proudly sells cookies that are not only diabetic-friendly but perfect for those following a keto-diet. 

Carefully crafted, each bite is a worry-free delight, packed with flavour and free from guilt. Made from incredible wholesome ingredients that have a low glycemic index they’re healthier and taste great! We love Ofelos and have stocked our shelves with them, offering you a treat that not only tantalizes your taste buds but aligns with your wellness goals.


Jani Beauty is a relatively new comer in the market, that’s creating real buzz! 

Born out of Kenya’s leading day spa, Serenity Spa, Jani Beauty is led by Petra Somen. With over 10 years’ experience in the Spa industry, and importing products for her spas, Petra saw the need to build a Kenyan beauty brand that was accessible to everyone. She felt that a local brand could showcase the amazing products that are available in Kenya, and Jani Beauty was formed to make high-quality, locally sourced cosmetics. 

Their goal is to be as natural as possible and their products delight with premier ingredients and amazing scents. From skincare to haircare, Jani Beauty stands out and wins our hearts with a focus on sustainability.


“Make the world smile with world-class food made from local produce, made by local people” – Tomoko Yakushigawa CEO Alphajiri Ltd. 

Alphajiri is a brand made in Kenya with an interesting twist, bringing Japanese inspired products made from locally sourced ingredients to the market. Established by Tomoko Yakushigawa after a volunteering trip to Western Kenya, Alphajiri was initially set up to help smallholder farmers by changing the supply chain of their produce.

In 2022, the company expanded and began selling their truly healthy and unique products, such as Miso, Kimchi, and natural Peanut butter made from local ingredients. Their pastes, sauces and nut butters boast incredible flavours and if you haven’t yet you need to try them!


Dadacare is a Kenyan Made brand that specialises in Premium Sanitary Pads. One of a few players in the market category, Dadacare has fast risen to become one of the most popular! 

Offering high-quality, eco-friendly (biodegradable) and comfortable pads that give maximum protection. With a focus on the environment and witty campaigns, they’re going a long way to help the planet and beat the stigma of period shame. With Dadacare you can have your period “Bila Stress” and say goodbye to period dramas. 

We are proud of our local brands and entrepreneurs and aim to support them, by telling their stories and bringing their products closer to you. We have a wide selection of Made in Kenya products across all our stores and encourage you to consider buying Kenyan next time you make a purchase.

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