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By admin May 6, 2020

Finding balance in crisis

Life Coach Nadiya Manji shares how we can stay mentally strong during the COVID-19 pandemic

To say that COVID-19 has dramatically changed our lives feels like an understatement. Suddenly, we’re all adapting to the sudden “new normal” of working from home, a temporary (or permanent) loss of income, loss of social connections, and drastic changes to our daily routines. Once we add our own anxieties over the virus itself, feeling a lack of control, and uncertainty, it’s easy to see how many are tempted to fall into negative coping mechanisms.

Fortunately, there are things we can do to proactively build our resiliency and find balance, even in trying times like these. I’ve used my 20 years’ experience as a Life Coach and Corporate Quantum Change Process Practitioner, to develop the Balance in Crisis toolkit. These steps have helped numerous clients overcome personal crises in a positive and productive way.

Here are some simple ways to strengthen your mental health during this pandemic:

The first step in clearing negativity from your mind is acceptance. Once you accept what is happening around you, including what you can and cannot control, you free yourself to pursue more positive pathways.

Even when you’re feeling alone, it’s important to remember that we’re all going through this together. The COVID-19 pandemic is a new experience for everyone and now, more than ever, it’s important to reach out to your network (whether that’s your family, friends, or colleagues) and support each other in moving forward.

Breathe in the good
While it’s important to stay informed, try to avoid negative media. Instead, focus on positive stories and the good things happening in the world. Similar to taking a deep breath of air to help our bodies relax, we need to take in fresh and positive content that helps our minds relax.

Remind yourself of the things that are important to you – your mental health, your family, and friends. Clearly identifying these priorities will help you make choices that benefit you. Making positive choices will not only help you feel good but will also encourage you to continue making future good choices.

Be in the now
Being present in the moment helps you enjoy your life and the connections that matter the most. Live in the present.

Perspective is a key part of maintaining positivity. When we choose to focus on the good, and being grateful, all of a sudden, things don’t feel as bad anymore.

One day at a time
It can feel overwhelming when we believe that we must have everything planned out, especially during these uncertain times. Taking each day as it comes helps make things feel more manageable during this crisis.

Manage your resources
Time, energy, love, and money. Remember that these are a means to an end, not a destination. That’s why it’s important not to let your resources control you. As you effectively manage your other resources, your energy will grow.

Clear your emotional junkyard
Your emotional junkyard can keep you stuck in the vicious cycles of imbalance and patterns. By keeping this space clear from past memories that do not serve you, you will preserve your abundance and energy.

With information changing constantly, it’s important that we remain kind to others and ourselves. Stay connected to yourself and to others. Together we will get through this.

About Nadiya Manji

Nadiya Manji is a Master Coach, international speaker, author, trainer and consultant.
She is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist (pending completion July 2020), a Certified Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach.

Nadiya’s extensive background in physiology and biochemistry along with extensive studies with leading practitioners and along with a masters in Energy Medicine and Environment makes her a leading authority in human potential, environmental assessments and emotional intelligence.

Nadiya is a sought after leadership coach with expertise in corporate energy, intuitive alignment and communication to bring together the imminent effect each has on the performance and output of any business team.

Learn more about Nadiya on her website: https://nadiyamanji.com/
You can also follow her on Instagram @nadiyamanji and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/rewireyourlifebynadiyamanji/

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