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By admin July 30, 2021



Hey guys,

First of all, I have missed blogging and I’m back with a very interesting topic that I hope you guys will enjoy.

In my years as a chef and blogger, I’ve gotten so many messages in the past of people asking if I have any gluten free recipes. You’d be surprised by how many people don’t consume wheat as preference or for health issues. It took me having a kid to learn that there were mothers with kids who even get eczema from wheat and how most moms have to give up/ change their way of cooking to accommodate this new dietary change in their homes.

For some of us who never had to go through that, we fail to understand how someone can give up bread, chapati, even pasta! Like can you imagine never eating bread or cake again! Yet gladly that isn’t and shouldn’t have to be the case. Was so pleased to find out about the many alternatives that one of my favorite stores, Healthy U has to offer. From cassava to sweet potato flour, masa harina corn flour, even arrow root flour. Talk about options! They have a wide range of gluten free flours which is absolutely amazing if you ask me. Reason being no flour is ever the same as the next one. As a chef, I can tell you that one flour can make great pancakes but not be the best fit for chapatis, whereas another can make great chapatis but isn’t quite the best fit for baking, so I made sure to get a couple of options and I had so much fun in my kitchen recipe testing all these alternatives. I made the BEST sweet potato pancakes and corn tortillas. My husband couldn’t get enough of the tortillas and my son enjoyed the pancakes so much, he had them for breakfast and as an afternoon snack.

For the pancakes I also made them dairy free by using plant milk, which you can also find plenty of in Healthy U, from almond, to oat milk, even coconut milk. In short, if you’re a mom or just someone who thought they had to give up all your favorite flour-based foods, think again, Healthy U has you sorted on the gluten free front!

Find both yummy recipes to the pancakes and tortillas linked below:

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