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By admin March 22, 2021

Healthy Happy Hormones

A healthy Body requires a balance of hormones, especially in women, as we go through many cycles in life. Let us explore what a hormone really is.

Hormones are chemicals produced by special cells, normally in the endocrine glands and released into the blood stream in order to send messages to other organs or parts of the body. They are chemical messengers that float around triggering communications and release of various other chemicals and orchestrate functions of the body at different levels!

There are 2 types of hormones;

  • 1st – that communicates with other glands to balance the duals eg. The Thyroid gland to other glands).
  • 2nd – is between endocrine and target organs where they actually start or stop certain functions (like insulin from pancreas triggers muscle and fat cells to pick up glucose from the blood stream.

Hormone balance is easily spelt, discussed and written down than actually done!

Factors like stress, lifestyle, genetic pre-disposition, diet, or simply body imbalances or deficiencies can create havoc. What with puberty, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause, the various functions of the body along with hormone levels are also affected in the stages that women go through in their role plays they take upon themselves.

Can we address imbalances in Hormones? A quick look at what you can do to keep Hormones Happy!

  • Diets heavily impact hormonal balance. If you are looking to set right key health issues like metabolism or menstrual/reproductive issues, there are “Clean Diets” that are highly recommended that simply reduce effects and consequences of imbalances. They usually consist of plant based, vegetarian and nutrient rich foods that mainly detoxify the body and provide vibrant energy as well as healing properties for setting right many disrupted organs and glands.
  • Deficiencies should be better managed, as they form the basis of reversing hormonal imbalances, e.g. Zinc and Vitamin E proves to be essential in targeting sexual organs and reproduction issues that are linked to hormonal upsets in both men and women. Deficiencies create havoc.
  • Lifestyle changes that can be made include exercising regularly, drinking alcohol in moderation, sleeping soundly and including a hobby to keep the mental faculties healthily engaged!
  • Stress is an important facet that currently manifests in many ways, is another culprit to hormonal health. Identifying stress, addressing it and avoiding stress has become a challenge irrespective of age and gender in recent times. Women play vital roles in their homes, career and outside of their social communities at large. Coping mechanisms need to be invented and adhered to. Stress can be on the mental, physical as well as emotional levels, and mostly one triggers the other, if left unattended.
  • Natural supplements – Hormonal balancers are present in many herbs and prove useful. Vitamin B complex is essential for stress, a good mix of minerals and anti-oxidants prove efficient to manage hormonal imbalance. However, please consult your Health Care practitioner before you start any regimen.

Become aware of your body. Learn the signs and signals that your body sends out. Stay Happy, Healthy and Hormonally Fit!

Rama Manikumar – Health & Lifestyle Consultant www.ramamanikumar.com

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