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By admin February 19, 2021

Healthy Sexual Lifestyles


To start with, sexual health is defined as the state of physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being in relation to sexuality and merely absence of disease dysfunction or infirmity.

Discussing sexual matter has been a taboo topic in Africa and Kenya has not been an exception. However, with the widespread use of internet and social media, sexual health has become an open topic that people have become more comfortable to discuss in public. Having a healthy sexual lifestyle is lifegoal that every individual should desire to achieve.

In the recent past, we have all heard of reports where men have died in the “line of duty” after using some sex enhancement pills to improve their performance in bed. As sad as it is, more and more men are still not confident enough to seek the right assistance to address their low sexual performance. Most people rely on information drawn from the internet with such information being unverified and non-referenced. This has resulted to people buying serious prescription drugs without being prescribed by the right health professionals.

There are a few things that have been proven to improve one’s sexual health, but before we discuss the solutions, lets discuss the causes that bring about sexual health issues.

For men who have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, which is the inability to sustain an erection resulting to a non-accomplished sexual experience. Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition that is mostly caused by an underlying cardiovascular disease which obstructs proper blood flow to the penis and oftenly affects men over the age of 40. Other causes of erectile dysfunction include mental illnesses such as depression among young people, alcohol and drug abuse, low self-esteem as well as stressful lifestyle and general life hardships.

­­The above-mentioned sexual conditions are not permanent, and they can be treated or controlled to achieve a healthy sexual lifestyle. The backbone of achieving a healthy sexual life lies on good nutrition practices and adoption of an active lifestyle. Good nutrition practices entail providing your body with nutrients that support the proper functioning of the endocrine (hormonal system), reproductive organs and supporting a healthy body weight.

A healthy diet should include wholegrain cereals, a variety of fruits and vegetables, adequate protein, and healthy fats. At Healthy U you will find healthy seeds and nuts that are good source of Zinc, Omegas and antioxidants that may generally help boost sexual performance. These include; pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts and macadamia nuts. We also have superfoods like Maca root that are said to boost libido and vitality.

Supplementation is also important to meet all your body’s health needs since most people are not able to get adequate from diet alone. Since good sexual performance is directly influenced by how good your blood circulation is, adapting practices and habits that enhance proper blood flow could be a major step towards achieving good sexual health. These practices may include physical exercises, adding garlic, celery and cayenne pepper to your diet, and supplement with nitric oxide boosting supplements. Nitric oxide is a substance that basically causes the vascular system to dilate and increase blood flow. We have supplements such as L-arginine and L-citrulline which may increase blood flow and lower blood pressure.

Achieving a healthy sexual lifestyle is possible, and like any other aspects of life, staying committed and being intentional goes hand in hand. If one is already facing a sexual performance issues, it is recommended that they seek guidance from a qualified medical or nutrition professional and avoid the culture to self-medicate.

At Healthy U, our highly experienced and qualified nutritionists will walk you through healthy foods and supplements that you can take to achieve a healthy sexual lifestyle.

Grace Micere, a Nutritionist at Healthy U

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