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By admin August 30, 2021

Our Gluten Free Bakery

Sarit Center Branch

Gluten-free has been a prominent topic of conversation within mainstream food, nutrition, health, and fitness channels. Whether it is for a short-term weight loss diet, lifestyle change, or a more serious allergy, there are undeniable benefits that the reduction or elimination of gluten may provide.

Eating gluten-free does not need to be inconvenient or difficult. At Healthy U, we are committed to making sure that your healthy dietary choices are easy to make (and stick to).

With our newly revamped shop at Sarit, our new Gluten-Free bakery provides fresh and healthy treats and alternatives for our health conscious and alternative-seeking customers.

Supplied by Artisan Cloud Kitchen, they are a world-class food production facility located at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport established in November 2020. Their aim is to change the culture of food, especially nutritionally, in the country by providing breads and pastries of an exceptionally high quality and standard.

Our menu includes:


  • Norlander (100% Vegan)

An artisan handmade bread baked daily with the freshest of ingredients; ground coarse wheat, sunflower seeds, rye flour, water, salt, yeast.

  • Multigrain (100% Vegan)

As the name implies this bread is made from high fiber flour making it extremely nutritious. It has seeds incorporated in it, like sesame, linseeds and flaxseeds. Its soft and fluffy like regular white sandwich bread but has a hearty and satisfying flavor.

  • 100% Rye Sourdough (100% Vegan)

It’s hard to beat the aroma of freshly baked bread especially when it’s the sweet tang of sourdough. This crusty bread has an airy texture and rich distinct flavour. Made in true traditional Bavarian heritage, it stands apart from the rest in its sustaining nature.


  • Gluten Free Bread

This is often denser as compared to wheat-based breads so it’s more wholesome.  It’s made of soya flour, corn starch, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, dry yeast. The seeds used provide numerous health benefits such as plant-based proteins, it may lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

  • Gluten Free Cookies

Ingredients; gluten free flour, butter, sugar, eggs, chocolate chips

Made from a mixture of corn starch and soy starch. Our gluten free cookies combine a taste of nutritiousness and sweetness with the addition of chocolate chips and a little bit of sugar.

Furthermore, we have ensured that the gluten free production area is separate from the rest of the production are and access is limited to two chefs per production. The tools and trades of production in that area are used exclusively for that area and at no time are they to leave the room.


  • Almond Zopf

Eggs, almonds, wheat flour, milk, butter, salt, sugar.

This is mild sweet bread that has a sugar, almond raisin and cinnamon filling in the middle. Its typically glazed with a sugar glaze to bring out the intensity of taste.


Now we may be staunch advocates of nutritious products but that in no way means that we forget our clients that love sweet pastries and breads, after all, a little sugar is recommended by doctors, unless you have a medical condition that advises against the intake of sugar.

  • Brownies

Ingredients; flour, eggs, butter, dark chocolate, brown sugar, cocoa powder, cashew nuts, vanilla essence.

Our 100% HOMEMADE Chocolate brownies are really the best that money can buy. The chocolate is specifically imported from Belgium because we know to have the best, you have to use the best

  • Peach – Almond Tarts

Ingredients; peaches, almond, wheat flour, butter, sugar, eggs.

The combination of peaches and almond makes it to an amazing taste experience.

  • Apple pies

Ingredients; white wheat flour, butter, sugar, apples, cinnamon, raisins, oats, eggs.

The classic pie, in a new outfit.



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