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By admin June 27, 2023


We are getting to what’s at the Heart of Healthy U with our CEO Mr. Rach.
Finding out about the orgins of the Healthy U brand, our mission, partners, decision-making processes and our relationship with customers.

Get comfortable, set aside a couple of minutes, and join us as we get to the heart of Healthy U.

When did Healthy U start?

The Healthy U journey started in 1985. It was possibly a little ahead of its time, as the health and wellness industry was fairly new, and there was limited awareness about supplements and similar products around the world and more-so in Kenya.

As a result, it was a difficult start for the family and we defaulted to selling a broader range of products outside of health and wellness stemming from Heinz baked beans to Kelllogs Frosties in our only store at the time being at the Sarit Centre in Westlands.

However, the real journey began in 1998 with the relaunch of the brand following a challenging period for the business and family. With this, came an opportunity to re-strategize.

Now, with over 30 stores across both Kenya and Uganda, we continue to grow, innovate and improve our offering and service.

What is Healthy U’s mission?

We started with a new mission to cultivate a culture of healthy eating and conscious living. Healthy U was created from a desire to raise awareness about living a healthier life, and has grown to become the number one health food and supplement provider in Kenya.

We wake up every morning to inspire our customers to live happier, healthier lives by providing access to premium brands and quality products through an exceptionally engaging and personalised service.

What is Healthy U’s relationship with suppliers?

Our relationships with suppliers are a lot more than buyer and supplier, they are friendships that continue to be built over time.

How does Healthy U select brand partners?

We look at market trends and buyer behaviour and look to partner with brands that fulfil customer needs and interests. We are diligent and considerate in our approach and look for the highest quality brands across all product ranges.

Beyond this, and closer to the heart of Healthy U, we look at each brand’s ethos and values, and look to partner with brands that align with our vision. Every conversation with a new brand starts with a discussion about how that brand started and what they feel their purpose is. There are so many incredible stories and journeys that entrepreneurs have been through, and I am personally always blown away by the sacrifice, hard work and passion that they have. It’s brands like these that inspire us to want to be part of their cause for change in the health and wellness industry.

How has the decision-making process changed over time?

Initially, there we only a couple of decision makers, however, as we have grown we now have a fully fledged R&D and procurement team. They play a major role in identifying local and international partners.

However, we have a collaborative culture and I welcome opinions from all my team. I love getting to hear about new products and brands from them, which they identify with and think our customers would enjoy.

Can you tell us more about your partners?

We have partnered with so many wonderful brands, but one example is Bragg, with who we have a cherished and long-standing relationship. We knew we wanted Bragg in our stores, based on the quality of their products and their amazing brand story. Bringing them on board was no small feat though, and it took about 5 years of dedicated effort, including a meeting with Patricia Bragg at a trade fair. Fast forward to today, Bragg is a Healthy U customer favourite and a brand that shares our commitment to making healthy living simpler and more accessible.

Another one of our partners is Lulu Life and their powerful story and cause is what drew us to them. Made up of women working in cooperative groups in South Sudan, Lulu Life empowers women who have suffered from war and famine to rebuild their lives and communities. Built on the philosophy of fairer trade they ensure maximum returns for their members, never forgetting the core driver behind their business. We love supporting this brand and are proud to bring Lulu Life products to our customers.

What is Healthy U’s relationship with customers?

We believe in changing people’s lives, by sharing knowledge and then connecting them to great products and services so that they understand how to live healthier lives.

We want to ensure everyone has an unforgettable experience in our stores and that means taking the time to understand their needs, ensuring we explain which products to take and what benefits these bring. We try to put science behind our conversations and invest in the latest technology at our service desks and our qualified nutritionists are always available in each store.

We want to make sure every customer that visits our stores will leave with the knowledge and the confidence to pursue the healthy, happy lives they deserve.

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