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EASY MIXING: The ABE Bullet Shaker is a compact and portable smoothie/protein shake maker that allows you to make your favourite drinks at home in a very short time. It also requires a minimum amount of effort and preparation on your behalf.
HASSLE-FREE CLEANING: Cleaning the Bullet Protein Shaker is a breeze. Simply rinse out the shaker with soapy water, and you’re done!
FAST BLENDING: The ABE Bullet Shaker is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make smoothies, shakes, or even to use as a water bottle. Its unique and powerful blending design allows you to enjoy a freshly blended drink in a matter of seconds. Just add the powder, milk or water and shake it well!
NO MESS: Make your own fresh, healthy shake or smoothie with the help of this capsule shaker. You can blend anything from fruits and vegetables to extra supplements. The shaker is easy to clean and doesn’t leave a mess behind.
ALWAYS EVOLVING: Our technology is always evolving, and the new Bullet Shaker gives you even more power to create your delicious shake at home. The bullet design helps to blend your shakes even more efficiently with no wasted smoothie or shake left behind.
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