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Flatter Abdomen, Less Bloating , Feel Energized , Feel Clean Inside;Contains Anti-Gas/Anti-Bloat Enzymes;Bottle One: Total Body Purifier 60 Tablets;Bottle Two: Colon Clear 90 Tablets
COLON HEALTH: Dual-Action Cleanse?s formula is specifically designed to help the body rid itself of accumulated waste such as mucous and undigested matter that can become built up in the colon, preventing it from being reabsorbed into the body.
INTERNAL BALANCE: Cleansing the body is so important to maintaining a healthy balance in that many consider it to be a key to personal health and wellness.
ENERGY SUPPORT: Cleansing the body with Dual-Action Cleanse can help remove waste to ensure your body functions efficiently, leading to feelings of increased energy and vitality.*
HERBAL FORMULA: The natural herbal formula of Dual-Action Cleanse?which includes dandelion root, eleuthero root, marshmallow root, and more?cleanses the digestive tract of build-up on a more regular basis.
ANTI-GAS & ANTI-BLOAT SUPPORT: Other potential benefits of a colon cleanse may include a decrease in gas or bloating and a trimmer appearance in the abdominal area.*