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Liquid Quick-Delivery Testosterone UP features some of Nature?s most sought after pro-male ingredients combined into one delicious drink mix designed for daily supplementation:

KSM-66® Ashwagandha Extract delivers powerful testosterone boosting, and physical enhancing benefits that have been demonstrated in multiple human clinical studies.* This product delivers 675mg of concentrated extract per daily serving that has been shown to elevate free testosterone, enhance cardiorespiratory endurance, and improve physical performance.*
PrimaVie® , a purified form of the mineral pitch known as Shilajit (pronounced: she-la-jeet) is collected at high altitudes and contains powerful chemistry including Fluvic Acid and an abundance of trace minerals, which has been shown to support healthy testosterone levels in men.*
Boron plays vitally important roles in the body including its impact on bone maintenance, tissue repair, and its role in hormone metabolism.* Emerging research suggests that adequate daily Boron consumption is important to the maintenance of healthy sex hormone levels within the normal range, including testosterone.*
In addition to the above, each liquid ampule delivers fluids and a range of Electrolytes from inland seawater to help support whole-body hydration.*
Take this product daily for optimal testosterone-boosting, and performance-enhancing effects.*