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DELICACY MADE IN ISRAEL – Peanut butter, cocoa butter, almond butter, step aside! Make room for a sublime delicacy, super famous in Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean cuisine. Relish the real taste of tahini halva, with an innovative added Silan (date syrup) Taste, a super creamy tahini paste, fun, and super easy to spread on a slice of bread,
MADE OF PURE SESAME SEEDS – Good source of Calcium Iron and Fibers, Achva’s halva-makers have created the most tantalizing halvah spread, it dissolves to the creamiest, nuttylicious finish. 100% natural sesame seeds, unhulled, whole roasted sesame, crushed to perfection. Rich in essential minerals that deliver an almost-addictive joy with every bite. 0 Trans-fat. No additives. Just premium-quality ingredients.
INGENIOUS, SATISFYING SNACK RIGHT FROM THE JAR – Natural proteins, no preservatives, a super savory seed mix of sesame tahini and Silan. Whenever you crave for something sweet, this jar does the trick! The rich Achva sesame and Silan tahini spread is a full-flavored, versatile, and sweet – you can call it “halva candy”! You’ll adore the honeyed hints and its intense, lasting nuttiness and sweetness!
GLORIOUS SERVING IDEAS – Due to its beautiful texture and vibrant flavor, the Achva creamy tahini spread is a dream treat for tea, coffee or after-lunch snack. just spread it on cookies, toast, baguettes, biscuits, granola or crackers. or pair the smooth creamy dip with ice cream.
UNIQUE, CREAMY TEXTURE – GET DIPPING! – While halva’s consistency is usually hard & and fluffy achva’s tahini spread is super soft, creamy yet dense and smooth spreadable butter while preserving its potent taste. Once the spread reaches your tongue, you’re in for a joyful, melt-in-your-mouth tasting experience, infused with a bright, subtle sesame and date flavour.