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60 x 550mg D-Mannose in additive free vegetarian capsules

Additive free.
Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.


Preliminary clinical trials in Europe show that D-mannose may treat or prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs). Research suggests the E Coli bacteria bind to D-mannose in preference to uroepithelial cells (surface cells of the bladder and urethra). The implication of this is that bacteria are excreted in the urine rather than sticking to uroepithelium reducing the risk of urinary tract infection.

A study published in World Journal of Urology in 2014, examined the use of D-mannose (in addition to antibiotic treatment) in 308 women with acute UTI and a history of recurrent UTIs. After one week of treatment with antibiotics, participants took prophylactic D-mannose powder, or the antibiotic nitrofurantoin, or nothing for six months. During the six-month period, the rate of recurrent UTIs was significantly higher in women who took nothing compared to those who took D-mannose or nitrofurantoin. A small pilot study in European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences found that D-mannose administered twice daily for three days followed by once a day for ten days resulted in a significant improvement in symptoms, UTI resolution, and quality of life. Those who received D-mannose for six months following treatment had a lower rate of recurrence than those without supplementation.

One D-Mannose 550mg capsule three times a day. Recommended to be taken in conjunction with Organic Cranberry. The capsules should be swallowed whole with a glass of water to support a healthy urinary tract.

Available to buy with Organic Cranberry as a Nutraceutical Product Simicina®.

NB: The above information is for guidance only, and is not intended to take the place of diagnosis and treatment by a qualified practitioner.

Pure-fil means:

No colours or flavours
No binders, fillers, glidants or coatings
No emulsifiers, plasticisers, disintegrants, slow release agents or lubricants
No synthetic ingredients
Pure-fil products contain 100% active ingredients
Nothing genetically modified
Pure-fil products are suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans
They are perfect choice for those suffering with allergies, food intolerances, need special dietary requirements or just don?t like to have unnecessary additive when they can have purity