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Clearspring Organic 100% Buckwheat Soba Noodles 200Gm


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Delicious versatile wheat free noodles with a rich, nutty buckwheat taste. Known as Juwari Soba in Japanese, meaning 100% soba. As buckwheat does not contain any gluten or binding agents it requires great skill and time to produce these hearty popular noodles. The grain is milled several times so that the noodles, although being wholegrain, have a delicious soft texture which absorb the flavours of the broth or dressings they are served with.Soba noodles are often served in Japan after big parties or at the end of an evenings drinking. They are also traditionally served on the 1st January to celebrate the start of a new year with the long noodle strands symbolising a long life as well as strength and resilience both characteristics of the buckwheat plant.Soba cooks quickly (in just over five minutes) but they are quite fragile due to the lack of gluten so require a delicate hand. They were originally served chilled with a dipping sauce, but today they are more commonly served in hot broth as a noodle soup topped with colourful and nutritious vegetables, seaweeds and sesame seeds.Ingredients Buckwheat flour (89%), water. organically grown Free From Organic and vegan