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Clearspring Organic Japanese Shoyu Ramen Noodles 170G


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This is a perfect dish for people with busy lives who need a quick and nutritious meal without compromising on taste. Each box contains 2 low fat noodle cakes and 2 sachets of soup broth.Ingredients Noodles (71%) Semi Whole Wheat Flour (74.5%), brown rice flour (24.5%), sea salt. Soup Base (29%)soy sauce (62%) (water,soybeans,wheat, sea salt, grain alcohol), rice malt syrup (rice, sprouted barley, water), sea salt, water, kuzu (starch thickener), toasted sesame oil, onion pure, garlic pure, ginger pure, kombu sea vegetable extract (water, kombu, sea salt), black pepper, white pepper. organically grown.Free From Organic and vegan