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Clearspring Snack Organic Roasted Soya And Seeds 30Gm


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Clearspring Snack Organic Roasted Seeds and Soya is a tasty and nutritious blend of organic pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and soya beans. The Austrian organically grown soybeans used are the Maple Arrow variety. This old and unhybridized strain has a superb flavour and nutritional profile, being rich source of vegetarian protein.The beans are gently roasted and then combined with lightly toasted Styrian pumpkin seeds and locally grown freshly hulled sunflower seeds to produce an organic snack with optimum taste and nutrition.No added oil is used in the roasting process, only hot air, a process which has actually patented by our expert producers. This crunchy and satisfying all-European snack is prepared in small batches to ensure even quality and freshness.Ingredients Roasted whole soybeans (62%), sunflower kernels (19%), pumpkin seeds (19%), sea salt.Free Fromorganic, vegan and gluten free