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Skip the pop-tarts and have a GU Energy Stroopwafel as a quick & easy breakfast with your coffee before a workout. They’re a delicious alternative to the gels or shakes you’ve tried to force down before heading out for a training session, yet they still give you that much-needed boost.

Acts Like An Energy Gel, Tastes Like A Breakfast Treat
To put it simply, the Gingerade Energy Stroopwafel is a Dutch-style syrup waffle which acts like an Energy Gel, but tastes like a breakfast treat. You might even say it’s the sports nutrition answer to what to eat for breakfast before training because it provides most of the complex carbohydrates, amino acids and electrolytes you need for all-day, optimum performance during any activity.

Carry As A Pick-Me-Up During A Massive Climb
So, whether it?s for a breakfast-on-the-go, an extra with coffee before a training run, a pick-me-up during a massive climb, or just to keep at work for days when that afternoon energy slump hits you, the Energy Stroopwafel is just the thing to have on hand to keep you fuelled-up and ready-to-go.

Stroopwafel Serving Suggestions:
1. Rest the Stroopwafel on top of a steaming cup of tea or coffee until the syrup begins to melt, then eat
2. Dunk a Stroopwafel directly into your cup of tea or coffee, much like a biscuit
3. Eat as a dry cookie while on-the-go
4. Smear in Peanut Butter and serve with Yoghurt
5. Invent your own method and post the details to our Facebook page