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Ideal for those with weak nails and lack-lustre hair
Contains zinc, MSM, biotin and silicon
Zinc contributes to the maintenance of hair & nails
Biotin contributes to the maintenance of normal skin & hair
With collagen and GLA from starflower oil
What is Nails & Hair formula?
Does your hair look a little lacklustre? Are your nails weak, brittle and prone to breaking? Your nails and hair are a reflection of your general health and need to be nourished from within with nutrients such as sulphur, B vitamins, biotin, silicon and zinc. Higher Nature’s Nails and Hair Formula has been carefully designed to provide these nutrients along with collagen and the omega 6 fatty acid, GLA to support beautiful nails and hair. Hydrolysed collagen has been broken down for better absorption and provides amino acids needed for building keratin the protein needed for healthy nails, skin and hair.

Why is ours better?
Our Nails and Hair formula contains over 1 gram of hydrolysed collagen, broken down for easier absorption, along with key minerals such as biotin, silicon and zinc, needed for healthy nails and hair. Additionally, sulphur plays an important role in supporting keratin production for tougher, thicker hair and nails. Not only that – we have also added the essential omega 6 fatty acid, GLA from Starflower Oil.

Who is this for?
Whatever your age, healthy nails and hair reflect our overall health and give us confidence. For anyone who needs an extra boost to nourish nails and hair from within.