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Naturally occuring plant derived sweetener
Tastes just like sugar
40% fewer calories than sugar
Can be used as part of a weight management programme
Can be safely used by diabetics
Vegetarian and vegan friendly
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What is ZyloSweet?
Looking for a healthier alternative to sugar? Your search is over! ZyloSweet is a natural sweetener made from xylitol, found naturally in trees and plants, notably birch and beech trees. ZyloSweet has 40% fewer calories than sugar (with just 9.6 calories per teaspoon) and a low glycaemic index, meaning it has minimal impact on blood glucose levels and can be safely used by diabetics. Boasting the same sweet taste as sugar but with fewer calories, this natural sugar alternative can be used to sweeten hot drinks, cakes and desserts and is an ideal choice as part of a weight management programme.

Why is ours better?
ZyloSweet is a low calorie and tooth-friendly natural sugar alternative. Tasting the same as sugar but with a low GI (glycaemic index) of 7, it will not spike blood sugar levels and is safe for diabetics. Xylitol has a natural sweet flavour without any aftertaste.

Who is this for?
Anyone looking for a healthy, natural alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners such as sucralose and aspartame. ZyloSweet can be used to sweeten hot drinks, cakes and baking without causing blood sugar spikes so is ideal for diabetics. And with only 9.6 calories per teaspoon it can be safely used to support a weight management programme. Not only that, it is tooth-friendly, killing mouth bacteria rather than feeding it, and helping to helping to reduce plaque and neutralise acids.