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About the JYM Pre Workout Powder: Supported Goals: Muscle Growth – Strength – Energy – Endurance – Mind. What It Is: A precise blend of 13 ingredients that we have used for decades in the gym, to help enhance training performance and promote sustainable results. Pre JYM provides the ?kick? during workouts that hard-training individuals desire without the use of heavy stimulants. Caffeine, one of the most widely studied performance-enhancing supplements in the world, is the only stimulant present in Pre JYM. Caffeine is now believed to not only help provide performance benefits but also support a host of health benefits as well. The other ingredients work to help support mental focus, muscular endurance, and strength. With Pre JYM, you?ll experience lasting energy and a noticeable boost in performance during your hardest, longest training session, without any crash. What Sets It Apart: We provide full disclosure of the product’s 13 ingredients – 15 if you consider the BCAAs as three separate amino acids. This is a departure from most pre-workouts that mask ingredients through ?proprietary blends? (meaning you don?t know exactly how much of each ingredient is in the product). Other products may only provide a few of the critical ingredients shown to truly help maximize performance and results. Just look at the 25-gram serving size Pre JYM scoop ? it?s way bigger than the typical 5-10-gram scoop of most other pre-workouts. It?s literally impossible to put all the ingredients that we recommend to help optimize your workout in a serving as small as that.


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