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Lambarts Zinc Plus Lozenges 100S


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Zinc, vitamins C and B2
Propolis and honey
Immune system
Suitable for vegetarians
Gluten-free and lactose-free
Lamberts Zinc Plus is a food supplement in honey and lemon flavored lozenges that melt in the mouth to provide gradual release of Zinc, Vitamins C & B2 and Propolis to the mucous membrane of the throat.

Zinc and Vitamin C contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system, while Riboflavin helps maintain the normal state of the mucous membranes. (The above are official health claims by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)).

Vitamin C is in the form of ascorbate, not in the form of ascorbic acid, so that the ph of the oral mucosa is neutral and the teeth are not damaged.
Zinc is in the form of zinc citrate because it is more soluble and absorbable than mucous membranes.
These caramels are suitable for children and adults who find it difficult to swallow capsules and tablets.

Adults: Up to 7 lozenges daily.

Children: up to 3 lozenges daily.

Instructions of use
Let the lozenge melt in the mouth.


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