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Mb Magic Nutribullet 9Pc Set Pro 900


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The MB NutriBullet PRO 900 Series 9 Piece Set Nutrition Extractor takes your health to the next level. This incredible single serve blender optimized Nutrition Extraction mechanism enables it to blend quality smoothies in a snap. This sleek silver blender?s 600W power base with a unique Cyclonic Action enables it to extract juices from not just vegetables and fruits, but also from seeds, nuts, and other plant foods. The base?s Cyclonic Action, together with the blender?s exclusive Extractor Blade breaks down the some of the toughest ingredients including seeds, thick stems and tough skin in an instant. The direct breakdown of vital vitamins and minerals of these ingredients makes it possible for you to avail the benefits of the nutrition your food has to offer. What?s more When you are done extracting juices, just remove the bundled 18 or 24 oz cup from the blender, twist off its cap with the Extraction Blades, and you are ready to consume your delicious smoothie. The system comes with two cups of 18 and 24 oz capacity each. These cups are made up of nontoxic plastic that is free of BPA, phthalates, and bisphenol A. The inclusion of Flip Top To Go Lid and Stay fresh Resealable Lids enables you to whip up your favorite smoothie and take it on the go. The powerful single serve blender also comes with Pocket Nutritionist, a handy guidebook that has a glossary of all your favorite ingredients, their nutritional content, benefits, preparation requirements, and more.