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Mountain Farm Canola Chilli Oil 1L


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Chilli Infused Pure Cold pressed Canola Oil is an agricultural plant in the kale family, upon maturity the canola pods are harvested and the seeds are cold-pressed to produce one of the healthiest cooking oil ? canola oil.It is infused with chillies to add flavor to different types of food.
Canola oil is made at a processing facility by slightly heating and then crushing the seed. Almost all commercial canola oil is then extracted using hexane solvent which is recovered at the end of processing. Finally, the canola oil is refined using water precipitation and organic acid to remove gums and free fatty acids, filtering to remove color, and deodorizing using steam distillation.
Rich in Vitamin E
Low in saturated fats
High in mono-unsaturated fat
High in antioxidants
Ideal for Frying, Roasting, Baking & Dressing
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