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The transformation is part of our mission to help active individuals better understand OPTIMUM NUTRITION products and how they support their goals. A Serious Mass new formula is now enriched with 3g Creatine per serving to support your performance. Struggling to gain muscle mass? Serious Mass is a quality whey protein powder designed to support muscle building. Help yourself bulk up! With a great range of flavours, the high-protein drink powder from Optimum Nutrition contains 1,260+ calories, 50g of protein, 250g+ of carbohydrates, 3g of Creatine, Glutamine plus 24 vitamins and minerals per serving when mixed with water. It?s made with no added sugar and less than 5g of fat per serving! Blend the quality protein with fruit or nut butters for extra calories and discover your optimum taste combination. Use after intense training and between meals. Serious Mass has the highest number of calories from Optimum Nutrition?s line of mass gainers. The instantised powder is available in 6 LB and 12 LB tubs. One serving contains two heaped scoops of powder.


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