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SCI-MX ULTRA WHEY Protein, a number 1 best seller. Formulated for performance athletes but perfectly balanced for the everyday gym goer. Our blend of high quality protein aids muscle recovery & growth supporting you with your everyday active lifestyle. Probably the most advanced whey formulation available. It?s foundation is a blend of the finest quality micro-filtered whey isolate and concentrate for faster increases in muscle size and strength. Designed to support and aid the body after a rigorous testing whether that?s in a group class at the gym, weightlifting or sport, our quality protein gets to work fast in order to repair torn muscle fibres. With a delicious, creamy taste and texture ULTRA WHEY is available in a variety of great flavours. Designed to be mixed with water our protein powder shake can also be used in overnight oats, smoothies and more. Blend with banana and oats or add chia seeds & nuts dependant on your nutritional goals. Key features: Ideal for lean muscle growth. Contains 6g of BCAA?s naturally occurring L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine. 4.7g of Glutamine per serving to replenish muscles during intense training. High quality superior whey to support your training goals. Blends science-proven muscle building ingredients to make ULTRA WHEY the premium choice for regular gym users, serious athletes and bodybuilders.