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Sheese Creamy With Chive(Non Dairy) 200G


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The Vegan and Kosher Creamy Cheese with Chives, chock-full of chives & creaminess and made with Coconut oil, is an incredibly fresh and wonderfully tangy non-dairy alternative.Perfect for snacks and picnics, you can perk up your childrens lunch box, or surprise your family with tasty sandwiches in adding some Creamy Chives. You can also give your coleslaw and potato salads a twist, or just spread it thickly on a toasted muffin. Add subtly some Creamy Chives to your sauces and dips, and give a different dimension to lasagne, spaghetti or your very own cauliflower Cheese. Isn’t it nice to know that animal-free food can be so tasty, guilt-free and satisfying Use Creamy Chives in your non-animal Shepherds Pie, or for making soups and sauces thicker & creamier (have you already try to add Chives to a homemade leek soup). It’s also great on new potatoes, asparagus, broad and runner beans. In a word you can substitute Creamy Chives Cheese in all your favourite Cheesy recipes.