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Sheese Creamy With Spring Onion&Black Pepper(Non Dairy) 255G


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Spring Onion & Cracked Black Pepper posh dairy-free alternative to cream cheese.The vegan and kosher Spring Onion & Cracked Black Pepper Creamy Sheese is a non-dairy alternative made with coconut oil, also simply known as Spring Onion to those who know it best!Improve any pasta dish or roasted vegetables tart by adding Spring Onion Creamy Sheese to your preparation, or melt some on top of a hot mushrooms and potatoes mix. The Spring Onion Creamy Sheese is a wonderful new addition to your non-animal larder, as you can use it to make any soup or sauce thicker and deliciously creamy. It is also a wonderful option to serve cold for an aperitif, alongside crackers, sliced fresh bread or crudit?s. Surprise your guests with impressive toasts, both sweet and peppy with the taste buds!