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Source Naturals – Male Nitro Powder – 16 oz. (453.6 g) Source Naturals Male Nitro Powder employs a systemic approach to supporting nitric oxide production, which plays an important role in healthy male sexual response. This comprehensive formula provides targeted support for nitric oxide production with arginine, folic acid and vitamin B-6, all of which may help to support healthy nitric oxide as a key signaling molecule to support vasodilation and healthy blood flow. Source Naturals Male Nitro Powder is free of yeast, dairy, egg, gluten, soy and wheat. Male Nitro Powder contains no sugar, artificial color, flavors or preservatives. Male Nitro Powder Benefits: Enhances male sexual response Supports nitric oxide production Supports vasodilation and healthy blood flow Includes arginine, folic acid and vitamin B6 Guiding Principles Consumers Their customers’ well-being is their highest priority. In everything they do, their guiding principle is to provide safe, superior quality products that enhance customers’ health and well being. Nature and Science: Their Formulation Philosophy Source Naturals respect nature’s intelligence. An individual’s body continually seeks equilibrium and a healthy balance. They believe many health concerns arise out of structure and function imbalances related to poor nutrition, stress and pollutants in the environment and that carefully chosen nutritional compounds can support this healthy equilibrium. They study science. They base their formulations on a deep understanding of the underlying mechanisms our bodies use to maintain balance. They choose scientifically optimal nutrient forms and potencies that work at the cellular level to bring the body’s interdependent systems into balance. They call this unique formulation strategy, Bio-Alignment. Quality They honor the trust their customers place in them with an unwavering commitment to the highest standards of quality. Their Quality Control team rigorously tests their products to ensure they meet their specifications. They are proud that the purity and quality of their products have been certified through an independent and ongoing audit of their entire operation for Good Manufacturing processes. Advocacy The people at Source Naturals are advocates for a wellness revolution. They call for a radical change in the way communities think and act about health. They stand for a new health care model focused less on disease care and more on early intervention to address metabolic structure and function imbalances that can impact wellness. This new model called SystemiCare embraces the health enhancing value of nutritional compounds the body already recognizes. They call this shift to a more in-depth, holistic view of health, the wellness revolution and it is gaining momentum as a social movement. New scientific studies continue to validate the benefits of nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and diet. More consumers are taking a proactive role in their health. Leaders in medicine are championing a new integrative model combining serious nutrition with the best of other disciplines to deliver optimal health. These developments mean that everyone has more opportunities than ever to enhance personal wellbeing and vitality. Innovation Source Naturals foster innovation. Their vision of a healthier world inspires them to seek and bring to market innovative new compounds to advance the wellness revolution and offer their customers a better quality of life. Source Naturals Story Leaders of the Wellness Revolution Source Naturals was created in 1982 by C.E.O Ira Goldberg to support each individual’s potential to enjoy optimal health. At that time, the kind of nutritional formulations he envisioned – for the maintenance of well-being and the enhancement of life – simply didn’t exist. The idea of combining many nutrients, herbs and nutraceuticals in one formulation, though common today, was then a rarity. Source Naturals pioneered the concept with Wellness Formula, now the in.