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Trek Chunks Cocoa Peanut Peak 60G


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Chunks by name, chunks by nature. These awesome bitesize chunks are ideal for an intervening snack between meal times or to chomp down as an energy boost pre or post-workout. The combination of rich cocoa flavours and peanut butter makes for guilt-free indulgence with its wholly natural and gluten-free contents. With a whole 12g of protein retained in its delectable chunky frames, the pieces make for long-lasting and energising satisfaction.Ingredients Dates (27%), Grape juice concentrate (16%), PEANUTS (13%), SOY protein Crunchies (SOY protein, tapioca starch, salt) (12%), PEANUT BUTTER (10%), Raisins (6%), SOYA Flour (6%), Cocoa (4%), Rich starch (3%), Gluten Free Oats (2%), Salt, A hint of natural flavouring SUGAR FREE Made From with gluten free oats wheat free,GMO Free,Vegan friendly and kosher Friendly