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Yutaka Instant Miso Soup-Bonito 7.5G


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Japanese-Style Freeze-Dried Soybean Paste Soup With Spring Onions, Tofu, Fried Bean Curd And Seaweed.As Good As Freshly Made! Just Add Hot Water Ingredients Soybean paste (51%) [Soybeans, Rice, Salt], Spring onions (20%), Tofu (16%) [Soybeans, Firming agent E516 Corn starch, Trehalose], Fried bean curd (4%) [Soybeans, Palm oil, Firming agent E511, Antioxidant E306],Bonito Extract (Fish), Wakame seaweed (2%), Salt, Corn starch, Bonito powder (Fish), Flavour enhancers E621, E631, E627 Antioxidant E306.Free Form Contains Soybean and Fish,