By admin December 19, 2017


What is Autism?

It is a complex developmental disorder that affects how a person communicates, relates to other people and experiences the world around him/her with the signs appearing during early childhood.

How is it caused?

Its cause isn’t known although genetic & environmental factors have been implicated, but early diagnosis and proper intervention can immensely boost the outcome.

Can Autism be cured?

Though there is no cure, the growing research indicates that nutritional therapy can significantly improve the lives of autistic children.

Since autism is linked to other conditions such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD, a more comprehensive approach is required to manage the condition.

Poor digestion can lead to a condition known as leaky gut, mal-absorption of nutrients, inflammatory responses to foods that are not broken down, and a burden to the detoxification system. This leads to nutrient deficiencies, which can affect all cellular function including poor brain function.

How can Autism and its symptoms be managed?

  • Eliminate food intolerance and allergens – Most autistic children experience gluten, lactose and casein intolerance. Giving gluten free and dairy alternatives to such kids enables them to feel and learn better due to reduced inattentiveness and hyperactivity, improved speech and language and decreased digestive disturbances among others.
  • Correct digestive problems – Glutamine is an amino acid that is used to promote the healing of the gut lining. Also, giving digestive enzymes assist in food breakdown making nutrients available for absorption and utilization as well as relieving strain on digestive system while it recovers. In addition, probiotics helps in increasing the ratio of beneficial bacteria in relation to non-beneficial bacteria which is crucial for improved digestion and immunity
  • Correcting deficiencies – Important vitamins such as vitamin A, B6, C and minerals magnesium and zinc are mostly deficient in autistic children. A good multivitamin provides these nutrients in proper formulations and combination to ensure a healthy immune system; improved gut health and brain function among others.
  • Supplement essential fatty acids – Omegas are required for structural & functional development of the brain and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Promoting a healthy methylation – Nutrients such as DMG, TMG & B vitamins are required for a healthy methylation essential for maintaining the RNA &DNA, balancing the mood, boosting detoxification and regulating inflammation

What type of food is recommended to manage Autism?

  • Dairy free products
  • Gluten free products
  • Sugar free products