By admin December 19, 2017

Lactose intolerance

Lactose intolerance is prevalent mainly in adults and is caused by a deficiency or lack of lactase, the required enzyme to digest lactose. It is believed most people lose the ability to produce lactase after a certain age and some stop producing it as a result of digestive damage caused by illnesses such as IBS, ulcerative colitis and celiac disease.

Some of the symptoms of lactose intolerance include abdominal cramps, bloating, gas and diarrhea.

Luckily for those who suffer from this intolerance, there are several substitutes available on the market today:

Non-dairy cheese; produced mainly from soya protein concentrate and coconut oil which provide many health benefits. This is also a good option for those who suffer from high cholesterol.

Non-dairy ice-cream; also suitable for vegetarians and vegans, the ice-cream is made from almond and vegetable oils. A great option for those who are diabetic and gluten intolerant.

Plant-based milk; 100% plant based, the vast options available are high in B vitamins and calcium. Most of the varieties available are often preferred by the “eat-clean generation” due to their high nutrient, low fat, low sugar components.

Non-dairy desserts; free of artificial flavours and sweeteners, these plant-based desserts can be enjoyed guilt-free.

Goats milk; made from pasteurized goat’s milk, this is a highly nutritious alternative to dairy and is becoming a common preference that parents choose for children.